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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Toner do?
   When bleaching or lifting your natural hair, you are exposing the undertone of your hair color. Most of the time people pull a lot of warmth (Red, Yellow, or Orange undertones). A toner helps shift your hair to a more neutralized color and cancel out that warmth. This is most commonly seen with blondes. After bleaching you will most likely see yellow. This is perfectly normal. The toner (either purple or blue) will cancel out that yellow and leave an ash or ice color.

Do I need an Olaplex?
   Olaplex is truly the best thing to ever happen to our hair industry! Olaplex is a patented formula that helps reconstruct the broken bonds in your hair. The formula helps fill those broken areas, which helps reduce broken, damaged, frizzy hair. Leaving the hair feeling silky smooth and easier to manage! Have curls in your hair? Olaplex will help really define those curls and put life back into your hair! 

The best way to think about Olaplex is like Aloe on a sunburn. When you lighten hair, you’re dissolving the melanin (color) leaving the hair strand dried out and damaged, like flaky skin after a sunburn. Getting the Olaplex No.1 and No.2 treatment, you are rebonding the broken pieces of the hair to leave the strand smoother. Just like how Aloe helps infuse your skin with moisture to keep it from peeling. 

What exactly does a Crystal Gel do?
   Using a clarifying shampoo only goes so far when it comes to cleaning your hair. Many factors come into play when it comes to what’s on your hair. Medications can leave a film on your hair, hard water leaves deposits, different things in other countries water can leave residue, and so much more. This is why a Crystal Gel is a must when coloring a clients hair that we don't know their hair history. All of these ‘blockers’ can prevent proper lift or coloring, such as spotting, faster fading, or not taking color when being applied. This is a vitamin only treatment and will not harm your hair in any way! It’s only needed about twice a year, and will work wonders on your hair! It’s like shampooing your carpets instead of vacuuming.


Is a blowout included in all services?

   Blowouts are included in our Trims, Cuts, and any serviced totaling over $100. If your service is under $100, Blowouts will be charged if desired, pricing can be found here under 'STYLING'.


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