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The fusion of Art and Chemistry
Board Certified Colorist Salon Rlaeigh
Olaplex Certified Salon Raleigh

 Client Reviews! 

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Mike and Tamar

Clients Since: 2018

Great salon, amazing staff! Super friendly and knowledge. Taylor is the absolute best, Loki too (cuddle pup), the whole crew is hands down awesome. Highly recommend their services.

Inside Raleigh's best hair salon
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Hey Best Friend!

Welcome to The Legacy Salon Raleigh! We are a multi-generation, woman-owned, hair salon with 60+ years of experience and ongoing education. We are the ONLY American Board Certified Haircolorist in Raleigh.



We care about more than just getting you in and out. When you’re in our chair, our focus is you! Enjoy a boutique experience with a complimentary beverage in eco-friendly glasses.

Education is what keeps us being Raleigh's best salon! It's deeper than just your natural hair color, it's genetics. Every head of hair is different, so why be put into a small category when you're one of a kind? We educate you about each service along the way, so you know exactly what's going on and how to care for your hair between appointments.

We understand there is a lot that goes into our work! No worries, we are here to help! Coming soon is our FAQ page. On this page, we help get a better understanding of our products, services, as well as a glossary to help understand the language of hair!

Are you and your hair having issues? We're here to help!!

Thanks for your looping us in! We'll get back to you ASAP.

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