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FAQ's / Glossary

Education is a big factor that separates us from the rest of the rest of salons in Raleigh! Here you will find answers to the most asked questions we hear in the salon, as well as answer common questions online. Below you will find our index of knowledge, to help guide you with hair wisdom.

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What should I expect during a consultation?

A consultation is more than a list of questions answered and you're done. It's the time to experience and get to know each others energy and style, to make sure we provide the best service possible. During the consult, we will go over:

-The goal you are looking to achieve

-The steps/services that will help achieve that goal

-Explanation and outcome of each service

-How much the initial appointment will be, as well as the future maintenance and upkeep cost

-How often we recommend your future appointments should be

How long is a consultation?

  • Haircuts = 10-15 minutes*

  • Coloring services = 15-25 minutes*

*Times vary based on what you're looking to get done, but we plan for more time to allow questions and clarifications.

I know I want a change... but not sure what kind?

In todays world, there are so many types of cut, colors, and styles, we understand how overwhelming it can be. Below are a few things to think about to help guide you to an answer.

  • What kind of change are you looking for?

    • Big Change - "I really want to change everything about my cut/color, and have a new look"

    • Subtle Change - "I like my hair, but having it cut differently/a different shade would make me feel more confident"

    • No Change/New Stylist - "I like the cut/color of my hair, but looking for a different salon experience"

    • Color Correction - "My hair has been through some drastic changes, and looking to get the color fixed but want to keep the health of my hair"

  • Is this a change that you'd like to upkeep for the future, or do you like to consistently change from time to time?

How long is a consultation?

  • Haircuts = 10-15 minutes*

  • Coloring services = 15-25 minutes*

*Times vary based on what you're looking to get done, but we plan for more time to allow questions and clarifications.

General Questin


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Things to know about blonde hair

Blondes are one of the most dynamically different hair colors out there, from Ash, Ice, Beige, Honey, Golden, and many many more! There are so many factors that play into having blonde hair, that a lot of people may not know about.


Lightening creates undertone, which are commonly red, orange, or yellow. The darker your natural color, the more undertone or warmth will contribute to the final tone. The undertone that is exposed is not exposed equally for everyone.

At The Legacy Salon, we identify your hair as a category, which in return tells us your undertone at every level of hair color.

Common issues faced during blonding

  1. The product to get you blonder might be too aggressive

  2. Application of bleach is incorrect

  3. Stopping the lightening process too soon or too late

  4. Improper salon maintenance

  5. Multiple degrees of damage to the hair strand

How we face those issue

  1. Any time you lighten hair, using a lower volume will lift you without blasting the cuticle open causing severe damage. Slow and steady bleaching ALWAYS wins the race!

  2. Taking precise placement of bleach plays a big part! Knowing how and where to place it, is one of our biggest specialties. This helps avoid overlapping or Hot Roots.

  3. Lifting hair the proper level (based on your category), will allow our stylist to navigate you to the lightest or darkest blonde with a toner, without over processing your hair causing severe damage.

  4. Depending on your service, we always recommend rebooking your next blonde appointment 4-6 weeks to avoid overgrowth, causing Banding, Hot Roots, and other discolorations for your return visit. To find out more, check out the 'Maintenance' page, or book a consultation.

  5. Any chemical service will alter the texture and porosity of your hair. With our proper prep-services and Olaplex treatments, we keep hair as close to the cleanest and natural state as we can. This helps keep your hair consistent and dependable for future appointments, avoiding any surprises or long term damage in the future.



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